Janitorial Equipment Service Repair Toledo OH

Janitorial Equipment Service Repair Toledo OH

Silverback Provides Repair & Service for Janitorial Equipment

Did your autoscrubber just give out? Your backpack vacuum losing its suction? Is your commercial carpet extractor clogged?
Trust the expert technicians at Silverback Supply to get your machine up and running quickly, as we understand the constraints you experience when your equipment is out of service.

We are trained specifically in the servicing of these manufacturers, but can perform service and repairs on just about any piece of equipment with the exception of engine repairs (propane burnishers, etc.)

Lines We Specialize In Repair & Service

Types of Equipment We Service & Repair
These are the primary pieces of commercial cleaning equipment we service every day. If you have a special need, call our service department today at 800.746.6071 for a quote on your particular needs.

walk-behind autoscrubber

ride-on autoscrubber


carpet extractors

walk-behind vacuums

floor machines

backpack vacuums

specialty equipment

air movers


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